Overcoming Impossible Odds

Written by Dexter Fulton on February 12th, 2010

Overcoming Impossible Odds — a powerful statement — a CHALLENGE that has changed humanity, and rewarded mere mortals whom dared to face the unknown and do the unthinkable.

Overcoming Impossible Odds

Overcoming Impossible OddsOvercoming Impossible Odds — a powerful statement — a CHALLENGE that has changed humanity, and rewarded the mere mortal whom dared to face the unknown and do the unthinkable.

Each of use overcome impossible odds everyday, however the challenges we face are no longer considered impossible.  You see… what’s possible today was impossible a thousand years ago.

We, as humans, are bound only by our own limitations.  We live in a limitless world where abundance and opportunity greets us everyday with a smile, a thought, a phrase, or a moment.

We must accept the challenge to achieve great things.  We must do things a little different everyday until fate finds its way into our lives.

I dare you to invite the impossible into your life and adhere to the challenge of being more than mediocre.

Plan and prepare for this day, and be ready; because no one knows when an impossible task will appear, nor where it hides.  You see… the impossible has no name or face, but never appears as a disguise.

However, it’s different for each of us.

What’s impossible for me, maybe simplistic for you.

Therefore, you must always be prepared to overcome impossible odds, and cherish the moment when it arrives; because greatness lives in the land of the unknown.

So, what will you do when the challenge confronts you?

History has proven people have the capabilities to repeatedly defy their on limits, rendering impossible as nothing more than a figment of one’s own imagination.

The sheer thought of the phrase “overcoming impossible odds” causes the meek to tremble and dread the day it finds them.

No doubt, each word posses its own unique charisma and flair, nonetheless neither is greater than the whole.   Together they form a synergistic alliance that yearns for the best in all of us.

Let’s examine each word together to unmask the dynamism in each.

Overcoming… to conquer, to prevail over: proceeding without hesitation towards a desired outcome and never stopping until arriving at your desired destination or outcome.

Impossible… unable to be done, unable to achieve: a word that’s been used throughout history to deter average people from attempting to do the unthinkable.

Odds… probability: a chance that something could happen, or not, at some point in time.

Think about the three words for a minute.

These three words appear in each of our lives, however, only united do they forge the greatest challenge in human history.

The challenge we all need in our lives to become something more than average, and actually live life to the fullest.

Ponder on this… there has to be more to life than your job and bills, something lurking in the dark waiting on you to acknowledge and conquer it.

If you continue to exist you will be faced with an insurmountable task whether you like it or not.  The question isn’t when, but how will you respond.

Start living the life meant for you, be more than ordinary, and overcome an impossible odd in your life.

Love, Life, & Live A Lot.


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