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MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing “Who’s The Champ”

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing… 12 Rounds of Hard Hitting Facts

MLM vs Affiliate Marketing Boxing MatchThe topic of MLM vs. Affiliate marketing deserves top rank recognition, because these are the two heavy weight champions for newcomers starting out in the online world.  So… the next twelve rounds will be hard hitting, toe to toe facts about the champs; and absolutely no hitting below the belt.

This is your opportunity to sit ring side, where you can judge for yourself, and score each body blow and head shot as you see fit.

And when the dust settles, and the MLM vs. Affiliate marketing votes are tallied up; you can decide for yourself which form of business has more teeth, and can truly go the distance.

Ding…ding…ding… it’s on.

MLM (multi-level marketing) is the sale of products or services from a parent company directly to consumers.  The consumer then has the choice to continue purchasing the product from the company or become a sales rep for the company.  When you become an independent representative for the company, you can sell the product or service for a profit and leverage your efforts by building a sales team to help in your marketing efforts.

On the other hand, Affiliate marketing is an internet-based practice in which a business rewards you (the affiliate) for each visitor that purchases a product or service from them through your marketing efforts.

Now let’s weigh the two to see which one hits the hardest.


  • You’re able to leverage your efforts by building a sales team.
  • Most of the time, you promote one company’s product or service.
  • You receive passive residual income throughout your organization.
  • You’re rewarded bonuses for high sales volume.
  • There is an entry fee, and a recurring bill.
  • The company provides you with a website.
  • You market is not restricted to the internet.
  • You’re responsible for training your sales force.
  • You are able to make money, whether you’re sick or on vacation.
  • Most companies provide training and support.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Hassel free… you work alone.
  • Sometimes, you are able to make money on your sub-affiliates.
  • There’s no residual income; you must continue to make sales.
  • You can only build your business online.
  • You can promote products or services from a wide variety of companies all at once.
  • It’s free to join, and has no recurring bill.
  • You don’t have your own website, but you are given traceable links that redirect to company sale pages.
  • Your links are tracked with cookies, which may or may not have a long life.
  • Cookies may also be lost when other affiliates market to your potential customer.
  • The affiliate company is responsible for customer service and product delivery.

What does all this mean to you?

Well… there is a lot to consider on the bout of MLM vs. Affiliate marketing. We covered some of the high points, but there’s tons of more information you should consider before you pick a definite champion.

As you research the internet, you’ll find that a large majority of business owners online are multi-level marketers or affiliate marketers.

The fact is these are two of the easiest ways for the average individual to get started making money online. Neither requires you to build your own website, nor create your own product.

For one to slam the other is ludicrous. If you look closely at the two business models they complement each other. Affiliate marketing is nothing more than a hybrid of MLM.

The two should not be seen as enemies… but as allies.

“The Street Smart Marketer”

The street smart marketer would combine the models making themselves an affiliate network marketer. This allows you to fuse the strengths of the two models.

Now… when someone doesn’t join your MLM program you still may be able to profit from that individual by offering one of your affiliate products.  This also allows you to make some much needed funds to reinvest in your marketing efforts.

By combining the two approaches, you capitalize on passive residual income giving you the option to vacation or retire and still be compensated for your efforts.

Remember… the smartest thing you could do in this industry is the research.  People tend to be bias when giving reviews because they may have had a bad experience, are currently using one method over the other, or haven’t fully researched their topic.

So… don’t label someone’s opinion as a fact before doing the research and finding out who’s the real champ.

Pyramid Scheme: The One True Pyramid

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Pyramid Scheme: The One True Pyramid

(This is a post found in the Rich Dad Discussion forum.)


I’m not proud to admit this, but I participate in a pyramid scheme. I have known for some time now that it was a pyramid scheme, but I have not been able to do much about it. I know that people are paying in money everyday to pay the people who are ahead of them, and that as they pay in there will not be enough for them to get anything out of it.

I don’t know why the FTC has not shut this scheme down yet, but I suspect it has to do with the fact that propaganda put out in the media and even by the government tends to make it appear to be legitimate. I wish the FTC would get some backbone and do something about it, because with all the other pyramid schemes they shut down this one should be number one on the list.

I am actually surprised that some of our negativity experts have not commented on this scheme since it is at least as blatant a miscarriage of justice as anything that normally gets complained about in here. I guess they too are not interested in truly effecting change, just in creating hysteria for hysteria’s sake.

The pyramid scheme I’m talking about by the way is the Social Security System. This system couldn’t be a more blatant example of a pyramid scheme. It has been acknowledged by every expert who has ever been asked that the system cannot sustain the people who are paying into it, and who will expect to get paid out of it. By definition that is a pyramid scheme. So, why do we continue to pay into a scheme that clearly won’t benefit us? Why doesn’t the government do something to stop this crazy system? Those are both good questions. And, believe it or not, I don’t spend much time thinking about them because I have decided to do something about it for myself and others. I am building my own business which will keep me from being dependent on this Social Security for my security and I am teaching others to do the same.

The average person that spends any time at all consistently building a network marketing business will net more after taxes than they will ever collect monthly in social security, and the better news is they can been collecting now instead of when they reach retirement age. I have a new team member who will make about $2,000 in her first month in her network marketing business, and her parents are lucky if they make $1,500 on Social Security after paying into the system for their entire careers.

So, when people tell me network marketing doesn’t work as they head off to work to pay into a system everyone knows doesn’t work, I have to ask myself do they deserve what they get or should we pitty them? I’ve decided to do neither. I’ve decided to make it my mission to educate people on what they are missing before casting them away for being non-believers. If they take the knowlege and do something then I will feel I have made a contribution to society. If they do nothing with the information I’ve still made my contribution, but I can move on without feeling either ridicule or pitty for the non-believer.

Imagine how many people you help every day when you introduce them to a way to hedge their bet, and take control of their lives and their futures. That’s the way we should be “selling” network marketing. Not as a get rich quick opportunity, but as an investment in the future that is on par with any other investment that could be made.

Think about that the next time you share your opportunity with someone. Understanding this concept may improve the spirit with which you share your opportunity.

Check Out This Cool Video That Further Explains Pyramid Schemes

Qualifying Questions for MLM (Part II)

Friday, April 30th, 2010

8 Questions For Determining Drive

The final 8 questions for qualifying your prospect aide in determining the motivation level of your prospect, and the drive behind their actions.

Here are the final 8 questions:

What are you willing to sacrifice?

This may sound superficial, but freedom has a price.  If you’re serious about quitting your day job and living life on your terms, then you must be willing to sacrifice something.  This could be time, money, or both depending on your given situation.

How long are you willing to make this sacrifice?

Don’t forget to relay to your prospect that this is not a diet plan and may take some serious time commitment.  Let them know they may have to give up something in the short term for a more desirable future.  For example, they may have to give up their weekends for the next 6 to 12 months to achieve their dreams.

How committed are you?

Here you are trying to find out if they finish what they start or do they often jump from new idea to new idea.  They must be willing to burn the bridge after crossing.

What are your fears and concerns?

Try to discover any road blocks your prospect has that could possibly discourage them from moving forward.  Be sure to listen carefully, because these are going to be their objectives when it’s time to do business.

What are your strengths?

Find out what your prospect does well, and encourage them to work within their strengths.

What can you bring to the team?

Here you want to be blunt and ask how can they contribute to your business.  This will make them feel wanted, and seen as an asset to your cause.

What do you want help with?

Here your opening the door to opportunity.  If your prospect has started implementing their plan to become financially independent and are in need of help, then they’ll start to unravel a list of problems they’re faced with.

If they haven’t begun to take action and they’re still in the dreaming room, then you ask the final question.

If an opportunity presented itself today would you be ready to take action?

Whether they answer yes or no, here’s your opportunity to invite them out to lunch or a meeting with you or your team, where you can formally expose them to your business.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our two part series on qualifying the prospect; and feel free to mix and match  the 16 questions as you see fit, because no situation nor prospect will be the same.  And always, and I mean always, expect the unexpected when dealing with people.  Good luck and enjoy what you do.

Qualifying Questions for MLM (Part I)

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

8 Questions For Measuring Desire

The first 8 questions listed below help you explore the mind of your prospect while measuring their desire to own and operate a business of their own.

Here are the first 8:

Do you want to own your own business?

Sounds silly, but many people don’t want to own their own business.  This question cuts right through the fluff, saves you much time and energy, and determines the seriousness of your prospect.

Do you have launching capital?

Here’s a great way to find out if your prospect has money to get started without appearing to be noisy.

Do you have a marketing budget?

This is very different from launching capital, and opens the door for you to share your knowledge on the purpose and power of marketing with your prospect.  This could easily be the most important question.

Who did you plan on doing business with?

Find out early if your prospect is a team player, and knows other people, of like mind, that may be interested in starting their own business.

Are you internet savvy?

Determining your prospects internet intelligence will aide in their marketing efforts.  Also, this questions opens the door to any hidden talents they may have.

Do you understand there’s a learning curve with any business?

This question actually tells the prospect there dreams want come true over night, and they’ll have to get off the couch and take action.

How much time can you devote to your business per week?

Time is a critical factor and someone whose plate is full shouldn’t be pursued.  A good prospect should be able to devote at least an hour a day to their business (preferably 2 hours per day).

Why do you want to own your own business?

If the prospect doesn’t have a reason why, then they’re more likely to quit at the first sign of trouble.  And remember, money shouldn’t be their only motivation, because the money doesn’t always come quickly.

These 8 questions qualify and interview the prospect without infringing on their space, and they allow you to determine if they are worthy of your time.  Be on the look out for Part II of Qualifying Your Prospect where we will determine the drive of the prospect.

Four Mental Elements That Block Progression

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

There are Four Mental Elements That Block Progression and forces you to quit before you begin.  Even if you recognize and acknowledge these mental elements, there’s still a struggle to overcome them.

And until you conquer those little bumps in the road your business and life will remain stagnant.

The first deadly assassin is fear.

Fear is a great motivator if used properly, but most people are taught to avoid fear at all cost.

Why is this?

You see… fear is directly related to risk.  And the average person who wants to live risk-free, a life without pain and struggle, can never achieve true greatness.

Because, without risk there is no reward.

So, to avoid fear actually hinders your chance of living life at your full potential.

Here’s my personal challenge to you — become a risk seeker, and watch in amazement as good things start to happen in your life and business.

Next, there’s operating under false assumption.

Most newbies assume every one wants to make a million dollars, when in truth, most people want to make enough money to fire their boss, spend time with their loved ones, and travel without a budget.

Everything else is an added benefit.

Another assumption people make when starting out is thinking someone else will grow their business for them.

This sounds good in theory, but in reality, you can’t build a truly successful business without getting your feet wet.

You must learn and develop a skill of your own to achieve financial security; even if you decide to delegate the drooling tasks to others, you need to learn them yourself.

I’ve named only two false assumptions, but there are many more (too many to cover right now).  If you really want a fast start, don’t assume anything, just take action.

The third mental element that blocks progression is working without direction.

You see… when you find yourself doing everything, you’re probably accomplishing nothing.

I know you’ve heard of goal setting, but setting goals won’t cut it.  You should break your goals down into small daily task that can be accomplished in 3 to 4 hours with small breaks in between.

By accomplishing small tasks, you start to eliminate small goals, which leads to accomplishing big goals.

Do your best to avoid unrealistic goals and set mini-hurdles you can jump with ease, so you can reward yourself frequently.

Finally, a huge mistake is believing your not good enough.

The average person starts out thinking their not good enough, due to lack of experience and confidence.

In the beginning… most people have the same questions: why should anyone listen to me, what do I know, what skills do I have, and how can I add value to someone Else’s life?

You see — everyone has something to offer because each individual has a unique skill, whether they know it or not.

Believe it or not… most gurus weren’t  good enough either, but they did it and kept doing it until they got better.

Believing in yourself is all that matters in the beginning.  Once you believe you have something to offer, others will listen.

If you think I’m lying, just go to Youtube and watch some of the videos being released… you’ll see you’re more than qualified for the job.

Just remember to swallow your fear, assume you are the best, reward yourself with easy tasks, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Do these things, and you will progress in more ways than you can imagine.

MLM Real Time Leads — Got Your Pockets Bone Dry

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Are you still buying MLM Real Time Leads in an attempt to grow a huge organization?  This may sound funny, but try cutting holes in your pockets before you make that next phone call, then stuff a couple hundreds in both pockets and go next door to use your neighbor’s phone.  At least this way someone you know can profit from your laziness.

Lets be honest… lead companies are getting filthy rich from network marketers inability to market.

It’s time for serious marketers to take control of their businesses and stop looking for the easy way out.  I know you were probably sold on the simplicity of getting 3, but face the fact, the big money earners have some sort of talent that you haven’t acquired.

It may be the art of persuasion, a proven system, or the law of  longevity; just hanging around long enough to make the right contacts.  Whatever the case maybe, you need to add value to your business by developing a skill that will make you the expert in your market.

And stop wasting precious money on mlm real time leads.

These leads are suppose to be screened and extremely hot, right… picture this.  Who’s screening the leads and what type of questions are they asking?

My mom could probably do a better job then most telemarketers, and I’m not joking.

Fact… these so called hot leads are very generic and not targeted at all.   Even though they are looking for an opportunity, who’s to say your business will be appealing to them.

Confused… I know you are, but there is a better way to grow your organization than calling MLM Real Time Leads; however it does require human cooperation and motivation.

You are going to have to learn to generate your own leads starting today.  And here are a few simple techniques you can implement instantly,  to attract highly qualified prospects (who want what you have) at a fraction of the cost.

  • Use video to build credibility and gain trust with your audience
  • Write articles to give value back to your community and establish yourself as an expert in your market
  • Hang out in forums and provide great content to members in the community looking for answers
  • Build a blog with an RSS Feed and energize it with great content
  • Run cheap advertisements in the online Classifieds that drive prospects to your money page

These are only a few simple tactics, that anyone who’s serious about ditching those lead companies, can implement right away.

However, if this seems like a lot of work here are the Top 15 Lead Companies (in no specific order):


Good luck and happy surfing!