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Pyramid Scheme: The One True Pyramid

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Pyramid Scheme: The One True Pyramid

(This is a post found in the Rich Dad Discussion forum.)


I’m not proud to admit this, but I participate in a pyramid scheme. I have known for some time now that it was a pyramid scheme, but I have not been able to do much about it. I know that people are paying in money everyday to pay the people who are ahead of them, and that as they pay in there will not be enough for them to get anything out of it.

I don’t know why the FTC has not shut this scheme down yet, but I suspect it has to do with the fact that propaganda put out in the media and even by the government tends to make it appear to be legitimate. I wish the FTC would get some backbone and do something about it, because with all the other pyramid schemes they shut down this one should be number one on the list.

I am actually surprised that some of our negativity experts have not commented on this scheme since it is at least as blatant a miscarriage of justice as anything that normally gets complained about in here. I guess they too are not interested in truly effecting change, just in creating hysteria for hysteria’s sake.

The pyramid scheme I’m talking about by the way is the Social Security System. This system couldn’t be a more blatant example of a pyramid scheme. It has been acknowledged by every expert who has ever been asked that the system cannot sustain the people who are paying into it, and who will expect to get paid out of it. By definition that is a pyramid scheme. So, why do we continue to pay into a scheme that clearly won’t benefit us? Why doesn’t the government do something to stop this crazy system? Those are both good questions. And, believe it or not, I don’t spend much time thinking about them because I have decided to do something about it for myself and others. I am building my own business which will keep me from being dependent on this Social Security for my security and I am teaching others to do the same.

The average person that spends any time at all consistently building a network marketing business will net more after taxes than they will ever collect monthly in social security, and the better news is they can been collecting now instead of when they reach retirement age. I have a new team member who will make about $2,000 in her first month in her network marketing business, and her parents are lucky if they make $1,500 on Social Security after paying into the system for their entire careers.

So, when people tell me network marketing doesn’t work as they head off to work to pay into a system everyone knows doesn’t work, I have to ask myself do they deserve what they get or should we pitty them? I’ve decided to do neither. I’ve decided to make it my mission to educate people on what they are missing before casting them away for being non-believers. If they take the knowlege and do something then I will feel I have made a contribution to society. If they do nothing with the information I’ve still made my contribution, but I can move on without feeling either ridicule or pitty for the non-believer.

Imagine how many people you help every day when you introduce them to a way to hedge their bet, and take control of their lives and their futures. That’s the way we should be “selling” network marketing. Not as a get rich quick opportunity, but as an investment in the future that is on par with any other investment that could be made.

Think about that the next time you share your opportunity with someone. Understanding this concept may improve the spirit with which you share your opportunity.

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