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Multi-Level Marketing | Unique Prospecting

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Multi-Level Marketing Requires Unique Prospecting

Multi-Level Marketing consists of four potential markets in which you must perform unique prospecting to adequately identify potential prospects.  These markets are as follows:

1) Hot Market- family and friends in which you have regular contact

2) Warm Market- distance relatives, co-workers, parents on the little league team, etc.

3) Luke Warm Market- people you come in contact with on a daily or weekly basis

4) Cold Market- total strangers, friend of a friend, people you really don’t know, etc.

Determining each market and where people fall into each one is pretty elementary.   However, understanding the people and how you should approach them is more like CALCULUS.  Each market should be approached with strategic care.  When Prospecting… remember the relationship you formed (or not) with each individual in each market is unique.

So… the two factors that determine your immediate success is the market you chose to develop and the relationship you have with those people.

When people enter the MLM Industry… one of the first hurdles is knowing where to start.  It doesn’t matter how you entered network marketing… whether online or offline, cold or hot market, you need to start the race in the starting blocks.

Now, this is where most network marketers drop the ball…

Being new to Multi-Level Marketing… you cling to your sponsors every word.  This could be good or bad depending on your sponsor’s skill set.

You see… some up-line sponsors will tell you to get your family and friends on a 3-way-call or set-up a 2 on 1 presentation, and they’ll do the rest.  However, family and friends may become agitated or hostile to an outsider without any prior exposure to the business.

Others will tell you to duplicate what they are doing over the internet… easier said than done.  An internet business takes time and money, and the lack of one or both probably drove you to network marketing.

So, where do you spend your time during the learning curve?

You’ll quickly learn that multi-level marketing, online or offline, doesn’t happen over night.  And there are pros and cons to prospecting within each of the 4 markets.  So… Turtle It.  Start where you are comfortable… with an approach not mentioned throughout the market.

We suggest you start with a list — not just any list — a PRACTICE LIST.   In the beginning we focus on our hot market to hone our skills and become familiar with our companies products, services, and compensation plan.

When mistakes are made during this time, people don’t feel as though it’s the end of the world.  They understand there is growth and development on their part, and being rejected by family and friends is not a major concern.

By understanding the purpose of your Hot Market, you detach yourself emotionally from the outcome.  This prepares you for the bigger picture… which is developing your skills and supercharging your mind for the journey that lies ahead.

The art of a Master is knowing what to say and when to say it.  What if you had “The Bruce Lee” of our industry training You?

And who knows… while practicing on your hot market someone may decide to join you in your quest for personal empowerment.   And without using a high tech sales pitch or pushing someone’s hot button, you have a much better running mate.  Because, it was their decision to join and not yours.

Now… why you are sharpening your communication skills on the front-end, with people you are comfortable speaking too.  On the back-end, focus on education and training through a program developed by us called Super-6-Training.

Super-6 is an interactive marketing leadership course designed to inscribe the habits, qualities, and attitude of a leader through focused social interaction, traffic generation, and blogging.